What a public adjuster do

What is a Public Adjuster?

January 3, 2019Adjuster Standard

Home or business owners understand the importance of having the settlement process be timely and effective. The most crucial part of any insurance claim is the settlement and this is where most claims go wrong. 

Next to one’s family your home is often your most important asset. When suffering a loss to your home the first thing many individuals think of is to call their insurance company. You place your trust in your insurance company to take care of you. Insurance companies are no different than any other profit driven company. They are in business to make money, not give it away.  

A Public Adjuster is authorized by the State to work for the profit of the policy holder. He firmly favors the insurance policy holder and helps him in finalizing the settlement through negotiation with insurance company. Even he has the legal rights to represent you during the settlement course. 

Public Adjusters are skilled negotiators, who apply the services of different appraisers, trained engineers, accountants and supplementary skilled professional in case of need. Every tangible item lost or damaged is listed with its purchase price and date of purchase. An assessment is made of its condition at the time of the loss. We also consider its replacement cost and any diminished value due to obsolescence. We also consider any restoration costs to restore an item to its condition prior to loss. These restoration costs include repairs and cleaning.

Almost always, you will receive a high payment from the Insurer despite using a Public Adjuster due to the claim preparation and submission will be more accurate as per the policy terms and conditions. Typically, the settlement amount depends upon the completion of documentation for preparing the claim.

The professional adjusters are trained to settle claims, not pay you the maximum amount for your claim.  A public adjuster has the great task of getting you the best possible settlement.  Keep in mind, your insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, but public adjuster works for you.

A Public Adjuster specializes in representing the insurance needs of the general public. We handle all manner of loss from all perils and hazards. They can help you with your claim even if it has been rejected. A licensed public adjuster firm can help in recovering true value of your property in case there had taken place some unfortunate mishaps in your property.  A great team that will assist you is the team of Properties Miami they’re 100% useful to help you with any of the properties.

How the Public Adjusters can help you?

During the claims process they handle all the details for you:

  • Evaluating your insurance policy to establish the best possible strategy for presenting your claim to the insurance company.
  • Evaluate, document, and substantiate every detail including loss of business and/or rent, contents, and products.
  • Negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company representative.
  • During the entire process our clients are kept informed about the progress and strategies going forward.
  • Settle the claim for the maximum amount and with little or no hassle.

What damages generally the public adjusters cover?

Fire: The damage caused by fire extends far beyond the obvious damage. There is smoke damage as well as loss of property. In the course of putting out the fire the water used will cause damage. It takes a skilled and comprehensive investigation to prepare a claim for you insurance company. They do that.

Flood & Water: In insurance contract language there’s a significant distinction in flood damage. A flood is caused by rising waters and most policies do not cover it. Water damage has many sources and it is not the surface damage that is the problem. Public Adjusters investigate beneath the surface to get a true assessment of all the damage. If needed to contact a Water Damage Fort Lauderdale company don’t miss this guys.

Sinkhole: A sinkhole may appear simply enough as a crack in a wall or out of square door jam or window. It’s easy to ignore and you may question whether or not it’s always been there but if it’s a sinkhole it will get worse. The Public Adjuster can provide the professional service to investigate this peril.

Hurricanes: Hurricanes and tropical storms can bring with them the most powerful of nature’s destructive fury. Such company successfully processes hurricane related insurance claims.

Theft & Vandalism: The loss from theft and the damage from vandalism are often accompanied by a sense of violation due to the nature of the loss. They will gather police reports, get a valuation of the loss, and work with you to prepare your claim.

Storm, Hail, & Lightning: Thunderstorms can cause their share of damage to homes, businesses, and other property. Wind can damage structures, lightning can cause fires, and hail can cause considerable damage to vehicles. They take everything into account when documenting your claim.

Tornado: The damage tornados cause can often be obvious but this is another case of a peril that may cause structural damage and requires an experienced professional to investigate. They have that expertise to investigate damage beneath the surface.

The Claim Process:

  • Contact a reputable public adjuster in your area; the sooner you contact them would be better for you. Call them and take appoints and arrange a meeting as soon as possible. In my personal case i use the #1 Miami public adjuster
  • They will ask you the required documents as well as some other supporting documents in order to represent your claim before the insurance company.
  • Claim preparation – Every tangible item lost or damaged must be documented. It is listed with its purchase price and date of purchase. An assessment is made of its condition at the time of the loss. As public adjuster firms have been doing this for so long that they know how to take the tedium out of it.
  • Settlement – After having completed the first three steps they will review the claim with you and then present it to the insurance company. Since it is always for more than they would have offered a sincere public adjuster waits for their response and then proceed to the adjustment and settlement phase. You will get more coverage by using their services.

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